CIPL (Comité International Permanent des Linguistes / Permament International Committee of Linguists) is an international organization founded to assist in the development of linguistic science. It tries to further linguistic research and to co-ordinate activities undertaken for the advancement of linguistics.


  • The next international Congress of Linguists (CIL20) will be held in South-Africa in 2018.
  • For information on the latest volumes (including publication dates and pricing), please see www.brill.com/lb. Information on the online edition can be found at www.brill.com/lbo.
  • CIPL is currently negotiating with the Linguist List on the distribution of a Newsletter (2 or 3 times a year).
  • Eight Decades of General Linguistics, the history of CIPL and its role in the history of linguistics, edited by Ferenc Kiefer and Piet van Sterkenburg. This book presents the key lectures delivered at the eighteen conferences organized by CIPL and also a history of the Committee itself.